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We design sustainable places in balance with the aspirations of communities.

Integrated urbanism, AE Designs approach to master planning, acknowledges the interdependence of urban systems and communities as well as the effects of global issues, such as climate change resilience and economic uncertainty, on the future of our cities.


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How do I make a master plan?

One thing that you need to appreciate about master planning is that there is no formal process of doing it. Rather, every team might have its own approach to doing it. However, we have highlighted the main steps that you should follow to create a great plan and enjoy the benefits we have highlighted above: 

Initial/ Defining Phase

This is a preparatory phase and it involves drawing the main goals and objectives of the project. At this stage, you need to clearly outline the business case by looking at the viability of the main project. So, be more analytical and ask the main questions about the project. What does the feasibility study of the project say?


The second and equally crucial phase of master planning is getting the project tested. So, you need to check land use distribution and relationships between various concepts. For example, what are the strategic connections between various destinations, such as roads, public park sections, residential areas, and industrial regions? Move a step ahead and ask the question, are the open spaces ample?

Pick the Preferred Strategy

Which model of your project do you prefer? For example, what patterns of block and density areas do you prefer? You also need to outline the movement framework, including the street hierarchies and define the characteristics of every route. Other components to define at this stage include the characters of the main open space. For example, what components do you include in the open spaces?

Refine Your Design

Before you can conclude that your master plan is okay, it needs to be refined. One of the best ways of doing this is checking the main concepts and how effectively they are represented. So check the concept architecture, street design, park location suggestions and landscapes by asking the following questions: Are the city building typologies and characters okay? What about the streets and highways? Are the open spaces enough and able to cater to the public? ‍Master planning is a crucial component in architectural designs because it allows building and construction professionals to work on their projects with utmost precision. Remember that you need to have the right skills and software, such as the SketchUp, for effective master planning.


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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the